Journey To Union

Transform Your Relationships & Discover Your Authentic Self

“All the good ones are taken; I’ll never find the right person.”
“We’re too different; our relationship is doomed.”
“I’m afraid to open up and be vulnerable because I might get hurt.”

Do these thoughts sound familiar…

Remember, focusing on personal growth and self-improvement will naturally attract like-minded individuals into your life.

Embracing differences and seeking to understand your partner’s perspective, promotes healthy communication and empathy within your relationship.

And, always practice vulnerability in small steps, building trust with your partner over time, and fostering a safe space for open and honest communication.

We Help Others Evolve Truth, Intimacy, And Trust In Their Relationships.

“As a couple, what they’ve done, is to completely reinvented their life… its incredibly insightful, brave, and visionary… I can’t effusively enthuse enough about how much potential I think this has for people”

Claire Standen

“Alex offers insight and valuable guidance, coupled with passion and enthusiasm…”

Matthew Finch

“More work like this needs to be done… Kate made me feel safe to be vulnerable in sharing my journey.”


“…the understanding wouldn’t have come without you, so I thank you for that, my world seems less chaotic today.”

Cass Beckwith

Get your free place on our relationship mentoring workshop

Our free workshop is split into two 90-minute sessions on the 30th & 31st of May 2023 at 8 pm – 9:30 pm GMT/UTC.

The two-part workshop includes;

  • Workshop Part I
    • Module I: Understanding the Philosophy of Kintsugi
    • Module II: Understanding the Philosophy of Phoenix
    • Module III: Understanding the Philosophy of Truth

  • Workshop Part II
    • How to apply the philosophies of Kintsugi, Phoenix, and Truth to your life
    • Navigating the light & dark sides of living in truth
    • Opportunities for live Q&A related to your own experiences

To support you along your journey of self-discovery, you’ll also gain access to a downloadable workbook to aid reflection, introspection, and self-development.

For those that complete both parts of the workshop, you will be invited to join our private inner circle community where you will receive exclusive free content and be able to chat with us directly.

We Help Others Evolve Truth, Intimacy, And Trust In Their Relationships.

Evolving Generational Paradigms of Relationships for Authentic Growth

Our story began with two broken families colliding, bringing us together in friendship at a young age. As we grew, our turbulent pasts and different backgrounds challenged our relationship. We experienced unfulfillment, lack of connection, and pain, leading us to a crucial point of evolution – the Journey to Sacred Union.

Through extensive inner shadow work, mentorship, and a determination to break generational patterns, we healed our personal traumas and revitalized our marriage. Living in truth, trust, and love, we now embrace a life of growth and authenticity.

Our FREE Relationship Mentoring Workshop is a culmination of our experiences and the lessons we’ve learned. We aim to guide others in healing their relationships by addressing generational trauma and rewriting the rules of connection. By exploring trust, sexuality, intimacy, and more, our free workshop empowers you to live authentically and build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. Embrace the journey toward your authentic self and transform your life through the power of truth and connection.

  Alex & Kate 😁💜

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