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Evolve Your Authentic Self

A comprehensive, self-guided workshop, that empowers you to engage deeply with your personal growth through introspection.

Build the relationships you desire and open the gateway to profound self-awareness and satisfaction. Embark on the journey towards your authentic self.

"As a couple, what they've done, is to completely reinvented their life... its incredibly insightful, brave, and visionary... I can't effusively enthuse enough about how much potential I think this has for people"


Gain the courage to live authentically in truth with a deep sense of security and grounding in self.


Release years of trapped shame, guilt, anger, or pain, learning to be vulnerable with those you care about.


Rewrite the rules of your relationship to attract the sex, adventures, and romance you’ve always desired.

"...the understanding wouldn't have come without you, so I thank you for that, my world seems less chaotic today."
Cass Beckwith
Parent of 7 & Business Owner

The Process Of Evolving Your Authentic Self


Kintsugi, to us, is the process of examining that which is broken. When looking at these broken (or shadow) pieces of ourselves with love, we can choose to recreate a new form from the old. It’s important to start this journey by reflecting on what these are to you.


Phoenix, embodies the process of choice. Choosing to live in truth over comfort. As we sit in the metaphorical ashes of a past that may seem lost or destroyed, we get to choose how we move forward. Now it’s time to think about what you want in alignment with truth.


Truth is trust. Centered around the achievement of finding harmony and balance within. Truth and trust are the core of any relationship, romantic or otherwise. Living in truth is intoxicating, empowering, and fulfilling. It gives voice to darkness, by expressing it through the light.

What You Get From Our Evolve Your Authentic Self Workshop

"Alex & Kate offer insight and valuable guidance, coupled with passion and enthusiasm…"
Matt & Abi Finch
Husband, Wife & family

Who Are We?

Our story began with two broken families colliding, bringing us together in friendship at a young age. As we grew, our turbulent pasts and different backgrounds challenged our relationship. We experienced unfulfillment, lack of connection, and pain, leading us to a crucial point of evolution – the Journey to Sacred Union.

Through extensive inner shadow work, mentorship, and a determination to break generational patterns, we healed our personal traumas and revitalized our marriage. Living in truth, trust, and love, we now embrace a life of growth and authenticity.

Our Evolve Your Authentic Self Workshop is a culmination of our experiences and the lessons we’ve learned. We aim to guide others in healing their relationships by addressing generational trauma and rewriting the rules of connection. By exploring trust, sexuality, intimacy, and more, our programme empowers you to live authentically and build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. Embrace the journey toward your authentic self and transform your life through the power of truth and connection.

"More work like this needs to be done... Kate and Alex made me feel safe to be vulnerable in sharing my journey."

Evolve Your Authentic Self Workshop

Our programmes revitalize your relationships by embracing truth and openness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trauma, often misunderstood, refers to experiences overwhelming our nervous system, unique to each individual’s life journey. These traumas leave energetic imprints that shape our thoughts, habits, and over time, can evolve into deep-rooted personality traits. Our workshop helps identify and address these traumas for personal growth and healing.

You don’t need to be in a relationship or have your partner involved to benefit from our workshop. The journey to Sacred Union begins with personal healing and living in truth with oneself. While individual work can inspire partners to join in the healing process, our 2-to-2 mentoring also offers direct support for couples ready to evolve together in Sacred Union.

Our workshop is designed for flexibility, allowing you to work through the content at your own pace. This approach accommodates the unique dynamics of your relationship, with the content available to support and guide you throughout your lifelong journey.

Yes. Our workshop is beneficial for those starting new relationships as it lays the foundation for healthy communication, self-awareness, and understanding, essential for nurturing a strong, enduring partnership.

No prior experience in personal development is required. Our workshop is structured to be accessible and valuable regardless of your background in self-growth or relationship work.

Singles can gain significantly by focusing on personal healing and self-awareness, which are crucial for forming future healthy relationships. The workshop provides tools and insights that are invaluable for personal growth.

The workshop is designed to address a wide range of relationship challenges. However, for specific issues, we recommend our 2-to-2 mentoring program, which offers more personalized guidance.

Absolutely. Our workshop offers insights and tools that can rejuvenate and strengthen long-standing marriages, fostering deeper connection and understanding between partners.

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